Services for business and employers

We offer a wide range of training initiatives and consultancy services to assist organisations to train staff and improve their workforce capability.

We can help you determine your training needs and how to find a tailored solution to meet those needs - delivered in a location and time-frame that benefits your business and employers.

We'll help your workforce improve their skills, quickly and efficiently so you can get back to what your business does best.

Making sure that your staff have the literacy and numeracy skills they need is as simple as talking to us. Our RUReady program is designed to provide a ‘snapshot’ of an individual’s literacy and numeracy skills at a point in time.

Our Services

Customised training
improving-business-partnerships.jpgTAFE SWSi specialises in the provision of customised training solutions to suit the individual needs of local enterprises, industry, community groups and government organisations.

We understand that you want timely, relevant, cost-effective and performance enhancing programs for your staff.
We will work alongside you to tailor our services to meet your specific workforce development needs and offer quality training programs.

Our programs can be delivered in your workplace, online, offshore or on site at one of our nine colleges located throughout the South Western Sydney Institute.

Our education and training consultants can advise you on the training options available and offer advice on your organisation’s ability to access funding to subsidise training.
Compliance training
Young female bartender behind cocktails, smiling at the camera, which are out of focus If you are within an industry that requires continual legislative and compliance training, we can provide your business or organisation with the necessary training, and can package training to suit several workforce development needs simultaneously.

TAFE SWSi can deliver a wide range of courses and skill sets individually to address key issues, or several as a package to cover the needs of your workforce. 

Our training offered includes::
  • responsible service of alcohol and responsible service of gambling
  • food safety training
  • confined spaces training
  • compliance training for the building industry including CPD requirements for licensing, working at heights and rigging
  • first aid and WHS
  • essential real estate and property services
  • finance, accounting and bookkeeping legislative requirement training
  • business management, leadership, conflict resolution, TAE10 and training and assessment skill sets
  • sustainability training.
Apprenticeships and traineeships
apprentice.jpgAn apprenticeship is a combination of work and structured training that leads to a nationally recognised trade qualification.
Apprenticeships generally last for four years and cover traditional areas such as automotive, commercial cookery, plumbing and hairdressing.

You make all the hiring decisions with an Apprenticeship; you can hire someone wanting to work in your industry full-time, and also engage an Australian Apprentice part-time while he or she is still at school through an Australian School-based Apprenticeship.

There are many ways to employ an Australian Apprentice.

Contact your local Australian Apprenticeships Centre for more information about hiring an Australian Apprentice. 

Traineeships are work-based programs in which the trainee is in paid employment while undergoing a training program delivered by a Registered Training Organisation such as TAFE SWSi.

Typically, the trainee will work three to four days per week and receive formal training on one or two days. The traineeships can last from six to 18 months, depending on the industry.

Training can be arranged in various ways; either on-the-job, flexible work-based or at a TAFE College.

Potential trainees must first be hired by employers for the traineeship positions. The trainee will be paid under the appropriate industry agreement and sign an indenture of traineeship with the employer. Employers will then make arrangements with the training institution for the accredited training, which will lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

How can you benefit?

Investing in apprentices or trainees can greatly benefit your business and secure your future success. As an employer you may benefit from:
  • having a well-trained employee with skills tailored for your business
  • a trainee with knowledge about current work practices and technologies
  • flexible on or off-site training
  • tax exemptions for employers of apprentices and trainees
  • access the latest industry-endorsed training.
Access to funding
TAFE SWSi can play a vital support role in seeking financial incentives from government funding to lower the cost of training your workforce. Our  training consultants liaise with relevant state and federal government departments to identify and support potential opportunities for financial incentives and subsidies available.

TAFE SWSi can provide access to the following government-funded incentive programs:
  • Apprenticeship and Traineeships
  • WELL – Workplace English Language and Literacy Program
  • Strategic Skills Program (SSP)
  • Critical Skills Development Fund (CSDF)
  • National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF)
  • Investing in Experience - Skills Recognition and Training for Mature Age Workers over 50.

Have your staff got the skills they need to improve your bottom line? TAFE NSW is here to help.




Making sure that your staff have the literacy and numeracy skills they need is as simple as talking to us. Our RUReady program is designed to provide a ‘snapshot’ of an individual’s literacy and numeracy skills at a point in time.

The RUReady assessment packages use an on line assessment tool for literacy and numeracy, plus additional tasks to assess writing, oracy and employability skills. An individual interview can also be conducted to develop a comprehensive profile of a prospective employee or current personnel.

We can:
  • Assess the skills of your staff against your business needs
  • Identify their skill gaps
  • Provide reports and work out where to from here — training program planning, funding possibilities
To find out more contact us on: (02) 9722 5457

Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement

As the largest vocational and skills training provider, TAFE NSW knows working with industry is critical to our business success.

To ensure industry maximises its return on staff training, TAFE NSW has established sector based Industry Liaison Units (ILUs) responsible for connecting with industry, so that our trainers and assessors deliver the most up to date training that is relevant to current trends and to improve your organisation's skills and productivity.

The ILUs work closely with each sector's industry leaders, peak bodies, associations and State and National regulators; they are monitoring changes to legislation to be up to date on the new and emerging skills areas, so that TAFE NSW can give your organisation the latest in training and education to meet your business needs.

The ILUs are staffed by a network of specialists from each vocational stream and operate across NSW and nationally, so that your organisation can access the latest information on your industries skills development.

How the ILU can assist your organisation:

  • Connecting you to the network of Institutes for industry specific training and industry wide training partnership
  • Specific industry training package development and reviews
  • Connecting your organisation to industry forums and key industry skills advice
For further information visit the TAFE NSW website.