Working with business

TAFE SWSi has built a reputation for responding effectively to the needs of industry through innovative partnerships and quality education and training.

Our clients, from industry leaders to individual students, view us as a reliable, innovative and responsive organisation that contributes significantly to their business success.


Our clients

NSW Police Force
Police-Force-(1).jpgIn 2012, TAFE SWSI designed, developed and delivered the Diploma of Management (BSB51107) and the Certificate IV in Frontline Management (BSB40812) to employees of the NSW Police Force.

Working together with the NSW Police Force, TAFE SWSi provided a tailored solution to meet their training requirements.

The delivery of the Diploma of Management and the Certificate IV in Frontline Management included a series of workshops, online delivery and tutorial support as well as a facilitated mentoring program.
The TAFE SWSi Aboriginal Unit supported the program providing guidance, advice and funding to support travel for remote employees who completed training.
Approximately 45 Aboriginal students from across NSW Police participated in this program as well as fifteen high-ranking staff members positioned in mentoring roles.

“TAFE SWSi worked extremely hard to ensure the program content reflected the needs of the NSW Police Force.

"Trainers made every effort to ensure course content was discussed within the context of our internal policies, procedures and processes.
“TAFE SWSi teachers, personnel and business consultants really respect their client’s needs – and they showed passion and commitment throughout their teaching and delivery.”

Judith Clear
Manager Workplace Training Unit, New South Wales Police Force
Newleaf Communities
During 2012 TAFE SWSi joined together with Newleaf Communities and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace relations to implement the ‘Beautifying Bonnyrigg’ community project. 
Initiated by Bonnyrigg Newleaf Communities Housing Estate, the project was a community-focused education and development project designed to engage indigenous, mature age and youth job seekers in south western Sydney and provide them with sustainable employment outcomes.

Sixteen students completing TAFE SWSi’s 14 week Certificate II in Horticulture took part in the Newleaf community project.
Working together with Newleaf, TAFE SWSi was able to provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills and find employment; while at the same time assist Newleaf and the community develop the Bonnyrigg housing estate.
As a result of the program, 14 participants completed work placements to gain competencies and skills, and five graduates remained employed with the Newleaf Community renewal project after course completion. Other graduates received assistance in finding employment to pursue a horticulture apprenticeship.
“The teaching and mentoring provided by TAFE SWSi to students was highly commendable. The teachers demonstrated strong leadership, guidance, patience, dedication and support that contributed to an impressive success rate of completion."
Newleaf-122x73.jpgPeter Williamson
General Manager, Newleaf Community Renewal
The Australian Foundation
TAFE SWSi developed a partnership with The Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) in 2011 to deliver a customised Certificate IV in Disability to all new disability support workers employed by AFFORD, as part of the government funded new entrant traineeship program.

Since 2011,TAFE SWSi have delivered the Certificate IV in Disability to over 130 AFFORD employees.

In addition to the Certificate IV in Disability, TAFE SWSi have also delivered a number of accredited, customised short courses based on the training needs of the organisation, such as courses covering leadership, case management, work health and safety, legal and ethical frameworks in community services and first aid.

“TAFE SWSi have enabled AFFORD to resolve a number of training issues through their flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile.

“AFFORD have been able to access a level of training that we could not have achieved in-house or with a smaller provider.”


Theresa Smith
Executive Manager, Human Resources
Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD)
Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Sydney-Olympic-Park.jpgThe Sydney Olympic Park Authority has had a strong partnership with TAFE SWSi since 2001.

TAFE SWSi has delivered a range of tailored on-site training programs at Sydney Olympic Park, including courses in event management, tour guiding, hospitality, water recycling and training and assessment.

TAFE SWSI has also partnered Sydney Olympic Park in the delivery of innovative corporate social responsibility solutions, unique outdoor team building programs and delivery of commercial study tours for on and off-shore corporate, government and academic delegations.

“Our association with TAFE SWSi has enhanced Sydney Olympic Park’s local and global reputation as a place for quality, accredited vocational programs and services.

“TAFE SWSi was one of the first vocational training and development providers to understand the Park’s business environment, our program and service needs and the strategic potential of the Olympic legacy.”


Mike Bartlett
Manager of Education
Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Canterbury City Community
Canterbury-City-Community-Centre.jpgFor over ten years TAFE SWSI has partnered with the Canterbury City Community Centre to deliver a range of educational programs to help improve local resident’s skills, quality of life and access to learning and employment opportunities.

Since 1999 TAFE SWSi’s Bankstown College Outreach Centre, together with Canterbury City Community Centre has delivered English language and access to work and training programs for residents in the Canterbury LGA.

In 2010, the Institute also joined with the Canterbury City Community Centre to complete the Lakemba Workforce Renewal Project, funded by the Commonwealth Jobs Fund.

As part of this project the Canterbury City Community Centre contracted TAFE NSW to deliver skills for work and training inclusive of aged care training for 60 local women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  The women received their qualification, including a First Aid Certificate in one semester.

The majority of students who completed the program obtained work or continued with their studies.

In 2011, Canterbury City Community Centre together with TAFE SWSi and Western Sydney information and research service WESTIR developed Listening @ Lakemba campaign, a community research and capacity building project canvassing the needs of local residents.  One aspect of the campaign was the development of a survey which was implemented and collated by 50 community welfare students from TAFE SWSi who undertook a short placement with Canterbury City Community Centre. 

The success of this project, and of the partnership, resulted in the three organisations being nominated for a ZEST Award in the Exceptional Partnership category in 2012.

In the last two years the Institute’s partnership with Canterbury City Community Centre has continued to develop with successful delivery of aged care and disability training. TAFE SWSi continues to deliver training in horticulture and leadership at the Centre’s Volunteer Training Service, STARS.

“Teaching in a community setting can be challenging at times, but the teachers from TAFE SWSi have always gone out of their way to make the students feel comfortable and have encouraged them to continue learning.

“TAFE SWSi are able to deliver flexible training programs which meet our needs and that of the students seeking to learn.

“We always obtain fantastic results for the students and the training partnership continues to build our capacity as an Organisation so that we can serve our community well.”


Liz Messih
Chief Executive Officer
Canterbury City Community Centre